I am Aleix Pol, from the KDE project. I'm working on a little plugin
for KDevelop that will enable the user to send patches directly a
reviewboard service.

I've been testing the API using curl and there I can create a new
review but when I try to add a patch I get an HTML error saying that
"review board is taking a nap", which is weird not only because I
didn't know that software took naps but because the rest of the API
replies with JSON data but here it's that weird HTML error message.

Could somebody tell my why is that happening?

I am using that line:
curl http://reviewboard.kde.org/api/json/reviewrequests/4647/diff/new -
u apol -X POST --data "" -T test_reviewboard.patch


PS: The service should be working because it works with postreview.

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