We are just starting to use RB and we've hit a bit of a snag with regards to
the workflow. Here's the scenario:

1) Dev1 submits a review.
2) Dev2 reviews the code, finds a problem P1 and posts a comment
3) Dev1 submits a code update but fails to fix P1
4) Dev1 posts a comment saying P1 is fixed

On the View Reviews tab, the problem P1 looks like it's fixed because the
original comment from Dev2 and the reply from Dev1 shows up there. When you
look in the top of that spot, there is a hyperlink to the file and line

    SomeApp/inc/crc.h (Diff revision 1)

The "Diff revision 1" appears because the original comment was posted
against revision 1 (see step 2 above). If you click on the hyperlink, you
get taken to the original file (revision 1) and not the latest file
(revision 2).

To get to the fixed code (well supposedly fixed code), you need to:
- go to the View Diff tab
- select "Go to revision" and select the new revision (2 in this case)
- manually go to the file and line number
- But now Dev2 and Dev1's comments do not show up though since they were
against Diff revision 1.

This makes it easy to overlook the fact that the file was not, in fact,
changed but the developer's comments say that it was.

How do other people handle this scenario?


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