Jay wrote:
I have post-review installed on windows and have successfully been
creating RB requests against perforce.  We also have SVN projects, but
when I try to use post-review against them it wants to talk to
perforce instead.  For instance if I enter:

post-review --server=http://somehost/reviewboard --repository-
url=https://some-svn-repo-url  --revision-range=0:999 --debug

I see:

hg root
p4 info
repository info: Path: sdgperforce:1666, Base path: None, Supports changesets: 

So how do I get post-review to speak svn instead of perforce for a
given request?  The reviewboard instance is aware of the svn
repositories and others that only post against svn don't seem to have
a problem.

It looks like p4 is claiming there is a perforce repo in the svn location. A quick "hack"/test would be to modify postreview to check svn first. I.e. hack the SCMCLIENTS def.


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