The way to do this would be to edit either by adding some sort
of directive as I think you are suggesting or by customizing for your

> If it were me, I'd edit the SCMCLIENTS list definition (I've actually done
> this for our site, I have customization for VMS so svn isn't checked as VMS
> command spawning is not implemented in CPython or Jython). See
> under
> RBTools if you want to start with headrevs from git.
> E.g. I have something like:
> ### re-define SCMCLIENTS, this makes merging changes easier (than
> customizing SCMCLIENTS) :-)
>   SVNClient(),
>   PiccoloClient(),
> )

Personally, I'd love to be able to specify the right class in

We probably are going to have a student writing a new backend for
post-review (and some new clients) so we'll be able to factor this into the


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