> > On Sep 21, 12:11 pm, Chris Clark <chris.cl...@ingres.com> wrote:
> >> It looks like p4 is claiming there is a perforce repo in the svn
> >> location. A quick "hack"/test would be to modify postreview to check svn
> >> first. I.e. hack the SCMCLIENTS def.
Let's assume this suggestion actually works since it looks like the
script first tries hg, then p4, probably then svn.  It seems there
needs to be a way to explicitly indicate which scm provider to use,
rather than do it implicitly since it's conceivable they could all
work for a given directory.   Take for instance the following

c:/dev   - this is the root for the perforce clientspec
c:/dev/myproject/vers1 - this is a perforce version of the project
called out in the clientspec
c:/dev/myproject/vers2 - this is the root for an svn repository for
the project

I could see how perforce might be picked up for myproject/vers2 even
though it isn't specified in the perforce clientspec.  If there was a
way to explicitly declare the repo type, then this wouldn't be an


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