Hello, I am trying to install ReviewBoard to simply http://site/review/
. I ran rb-site install and it went fine, however it seems to be
failing to redirect URLs properly internally.

When I go to http://site/review/, I'm getting the seemingly common
django error:

Using the URLconf defined in djblets.util.rooturl, Django tried these
URL patterns, in this order:

   1. ^review/

The current URL, , didn't match any of these.

Relevant part in settings_local.py :
# Extra site information.
SITE_ROOT = '/review/'
DEBUG = True

Relevant apache config:
WSGIScriptAlias /review /media/raid/trac/reviewboard/htdocs/

<Directory "/media/raid/trac/reviewboard/htdocs">
        AllowOverride All

Alias /review/media "/media/raid/trac/reviewboard/htdocs/media"
Alias /review/errordocs "/media/raid/trac/reviewboard/htdocs/

I'm not quite clear on why this isn't working; it seems to want an
extra /review/ in the url -- e.g.,
works -- but then it tries to redirect to a url with one fewer /
review/ . I've tried playing with the SITE_ROOT and FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME
values, but to no avail.

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