There are many, many, many issues related with hosting Django projects
under subdirectory using modwsgi. All was described


On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 5:57 PM, Alain V. <> wrote:
> Huh, I could swear I'd tried with a blank SITE_ROOT and
> FORCE_SCRIPT_NAME='/review', but perhaps i didn't reload apache. That
> fixed the redirect bonanza, thank you!
> I do however have a new issue: cannot log in. I'd managed to create an
> account before all this, but now any attempt at logging in simply
> yields "Cookies must be enabled. " New user registration also seems
> broken: it simply reloads the page with no feedback.
> Assuming it's necessary, how would I best go about tracing the way
> Review Board and mod_wsgi are interacting?

><> Jan Koprowski

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