Hello everyone,

today I tried to upgrade our RB 1.0.9 installation to RB 1.5, but in
the end had to restore the old state from backup.

After upgrading RB and its dependencies as well as the site (using
rb-site), Review Board initially seemed to continue working like a
charm, i.e., existing reviews were still displaying correctly (after
restarting memcached and increasing its permissible key size).
However, when testing submission of new reviews, a couple of issues
started surfacing:
- Regular users could no longer submit review requests (permission /
privilege problem)
- Superusers submitting review requests could do so successfully, but
all of these requests would show up as drafts under my user ID (2)

I could explain the privilege issue (does 1.0.x perform privilege
checks on review submission?), but the new magnetic personality of my
user attracting any new review request is something that I have no
good explanation for. ;-)

Any ideas helping to sort out the root cause are much appreciated.


P.S.: I should add that we are using a post-review client, which is
heavily customized and thus still using the 1.0.x API.

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