I am trying to upgrade our RB from 1.0rc3 to 1.5. We are running on
top of a SQLAnywhere database server. I got the database upgraded
successfully, but when I try to access the site it gives me errors
regarding badly generated SQL queries. The problem is with the
reviews_review.public field. This field is a Boolean field. The query
that is generated by RB looks as follows:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM reviews_review, ... WHERE reviews_review.public
AND ...

In the SQLAnywhere Django driver, Boolean fields are mapped to BIT
fields on the database side. As such, the correct query above should
have been

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM reviews_review, ... WHERE reviews_review.public =
1 AND ...

I am inheriting this system so I am still learning both Django and RB.
What component is responsible for
generating the correct syntax for Boolean fields?


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