Hi Group,

I am a newbie to reviewboard tool.

I have recently installed this software on my home PC on a Ubuntu
10.04 system.  I have created a local svn repository for using with
rb.  I created an admin user and another normal user with "all"
permissions using the rb admin UI.  Below given are my problems:

1. After I create a new review request, I am unable to figure out how
to fill in the details like summary, description and  reviewer.  I do
not see any kind of options to enter these fields.
2. I am also unable to figure out, how to "publish" the review request
(is it due to the consequence of the above?)
3. The User Interface looks bare-bone. That is
    3.1  I don't see any side navigation bar
    3.2 Neither do i see the toolbar supposed to appear at the top

Am I missing something here...?

Please help...

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