Here I have a problem with postreview.py when publish a review
request, could anyone please have a look?

My enviroment is Reviewboard 1.5.1 and SVN. I downloaded postreview.py
and configed the constants necessary.

When I run postreivew, it throws a array index exception at line 677:
url = rsp['links']['info']['href'], The whole piece of code is

    def get_repository_info(self, rid):
        Returns detailed information about a specific repository.
        if self.deprecated_api:
            url = 'api/json/repositories/%s/info/' % rid
            rsp = self.api_get(
                '%s%s/' % (self.root_resource['links']['repositories']
            url = rsp['links']['info']['href']

        rsp = self.api_get(url)

        return rsp['info']

I added debug info for rep, it did not contain the "links" index
indeed, but it contained a "repository" index.

Then I manually went to check the xml from reviewboard server, and
found the structure of the xml is like this
so I changed line 677 to url = rsp["repository"]['links']['info']
['href'], finally it worked.

Though it worked, I still did not know the reason and whether my
change is right or wrong. I think it is unlike to be a bug of
reviewboard, but I am too lazy to read all the code :-) so, could
anyone kindly tell me that what the real problem is and what should I

Any help will be highly appreciated!

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