I just discovered the application today (hi!); I've been looking for 
something like it, and come across Atlassian Crucible, Gerrit and Rietveld 
so far.

One of the features I'd want from such a tool would be to have a code-health 
report that is derived from the % of code covered by review.
* The code-health of an unreviewed section of code would be very low.
* The code-health of a reviewed ages-ago section of code would be low.
* The code-health of a reviewed-not-long-ago section of code would be 

It might be nice to support different classes of people having different 
affects on code-health in this report - for example, getting code reviewed 
and passed by a senior developer would carry more weight than a junior 
(where "senior" and "junior" are just class-names; I'm not suggesting that 
people automatically get more weight by being employed longer).

I would also want to be able to assign other scores to such a report from 
tools that run during the build process, like code-coverage triggered by 
automated tests, static analysis reports, etc.

I'd also want an API way to integrate with an issue-tracker so that one 
could correlate defects between pieces of code affected, which could happen 
by knowing which issues are being hit by which source-control commits 
(something that's already quite common, I think; each place I've worked has 
had that to one degree or another, but stop short of actually analysing that 

Is this kind of thing within the remit (or roadmap!) of reviewboard?

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