Surendran K:

I think that's a brilliant idea, I've spent the past few days trying
to get review board to work on either Ubuntu or Windows. The process
seems quite involved either way, and for someone not used to set up
Apache servers and modules and configuring all the settings, it is a
daunting and tiring process.

I just want code review software that I can use as liberally as
necessary, where I can install on a work computer for use by 4, 5
people at most. Having a simple installation for both Windows and
Linux (Ubuntu is all I care about), would be a much appreciated

I would be willing to work with you on the Windows front if you need
assistance, and perhaps we should set up some kind of discussion where
we can get the help of people that are familiar with creating setups
for both OSs.

I would also be willing to provide with some donations for the project
if you show the willingness and ability to stick with it to the end.

I'm planning on moving to a new office that doesn't use Code Review
software, so I'd like to try out your installer in a few months from
now, beta testing type of thing :)
If you see that that is a reasonable time frame.

Thanks for your interest and support.

On Mar 20, 11:29 pm, Surendran K <> wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Surendran K. and I would like to work on the installer platform
> framework for reviewboard. I'd like to have your feedback on the idea before
> I start writing my application.
> Here is my understanding of the project :-
>    1. I am to write a framework(which would use pip/distribute as the base)
>    and provide functionality for upgrading dependencies, installing
>    dependencies, upgrading reviewboard and installing reviewboard. I find that
>    there are tools which do package management in a more efficient manner than
>    setuptools(easy_install), so I'd like to use them instead.
>    2. Provide a UI for the same. Both the UI and the framework used in [1]
>    could use the same API. Making a CLI based tool, a Qt based tool(for 
> windows
>    and KDE) and a GTK+ tool would be easier this way.
>    3. Provide support for extensions which are used by
>    ReviewBoard.(upgrading and installing).
> Id love to have more feedback about what you think about this.
> Have a nice day,
> Surendran K.

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