My name is Surendran K. and I would like to work on the installer platform
framework for reviewboard. I'd like to have your feedback on the idea before
I start writing my application.

Here is my understanding of the project :-

   1. I am to write a framework(which would use pip/distribute as the base)
   and provide functionality for upgrading dependencies, installing
   dependencies, upgrading reviewboard and installing reviewboard. I find that
   there are tools which do package management in a more efficient manner than
   setuptools(easy_install), so I'd like to use them instead.
   2. Provide a UI for the same. Both the UI and the framework used in [1]
   could use the same API. Making a CLI based tool, a Qt based tool(for windows
   and KDE) and a GTK+ tool would be easier this way.
   3. Provide support for extensions which are used by
   ReviewBoard.(upgrading and installing).

Id love to have more feedback about what you think about this.

Have a nice day,
Surendran K.

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