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> Subject: Problem in viewing the diff evenly
> The problem I have now is that I am uploading a diff for a change
> that
> includes modifications to 73 files.  For some reason, the diffs
> (before and after views) do not share 1/2 of the screen.  It seems
> like the old source code view is 10-25% of the left side, and the
> new
> source code is the remainder of the screen (75-90% of the screen).
> This is painful to look at.  It would be nice for each diff to use
> 1/2
> of the screen to view the source code.

I've seen this using Mercurial. I think it happens when

a) A new file is introduced by the parent diff (which usually hasn't yet been 
pushed to the repo visible to RB), AND
b) the same file is modified by the diff under review.


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