I just setup reviewboard, and tried posting code reviews.  I am
running Reviewboard 1.5.4.  It is being served from lighttpd, and am
running MySQL for the database, and we are currently using git four
our scm.

I was able to set it up (the instructions were well-written, easy to
follow, so thanks for that!) and I was able to get it up and running
quickly.  I quickly posted a review of a new file, and it works like a

The problem I have now is that I am uploading a diff for a change that
includes modifications to 73 files.  For some reason, the diffs
(before and after views) do not share 1/2 of the screen.  It seems
like the old source code view is 10-25% of the left side, and the new
source code is the remainder of the screen (75-90% of the screen).
This is painful to look at.  It would be nice for each diff to use 1/2
of the screen to view the source code.

I looked around the settings in the administration section on the UI,
looked around the web, and I couldn't find out what I was doing
wrong.  I imagine that this is something related to how I uploaded the
diff.  Here is how I created the diff.

1.  Starting with a fresh branch, I did:
git branch branch-name
git checkout branch-name

2.  I made all of the changes to the files and committed the changes
to the git branch.
git commit -a

3.  Wrote a nice commit message.
4.  I then posted the review like this:

post-review --parent=develop

Develop is the parent branch that I pulled the new branch off of.

Is there something that I am doing wrong here?  What can I do to
produce the diffs so that the screen is split for old - new diffs?

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