On Tuesday 17 May 2011 07:51:07 am Chris Toomey wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> It just has the info about the file/revision that it says it can't
> find:
> {"stat": "fail", "err": {"msg": "The file was not found in the
> repository", "code": 207}, "file": "webapp/zend/application/
> Bootstrap.php", "revision": "89c64afda439"}
> If I cd to the repository dir. on the server (the RB server and
> mercurial repository are on the same host) and execute "hg cat -r
> 89c64afda439 webapp/zend/application/Bootstrap.php" I get the contents
> of that rev. of the file, which is definitely in the repository.  And
> again, it's able to access that rev. of the file when I use an http://
> repository path in RB.
> Chris

The 'hg cat' command cannot operate remotely through ssh:// repositories. It 
works only locally. The http:// repos in RB work around that using the raw 
file download from the hgweb interface.
So you cannot configure a HG repo with ssh:// from ReviewBoard.
You have to use local path (or NFS/SMB) or http://. It might be possible to 
use https:// as well.


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