Hi all, how are you? I have a quick question but really difficult for me to
solve :S ... I have mantis bug tracker installed on my ubuntu server 10.04.
After that I installed Review Board and when I access to my homepage all I
see is a directory listing.

I read the installation manual and the site creation that said that I had to
delete my 000-default file from the sites-enabled folder in my apache. If I
do that mantis stops working, and I assume that every other site I may have
will also. So if I put my review board config in that default file before
the default config it works, but mantis stops working =). So the million
dollar question here is, how do I make both sites work as Virtual Hosts?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Let me know if you need any information.

*Juan Martín Vidal*
Córdoba, AR
Cel: +54 9 3576 464658

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