We've got a reviewboard installation, which we upgraded to 1.5.5
several months ago.  That went swimmingly, and it's been working for

Nothing has changed on the server, but now it is intermittently
reporting "Manual server updates required" -- "The Review Board
database schema has changed since your last upgrade".  Oddly, the
"Manual server updates required" box suggests running ./manage.py
syncdb, when I know that the upgrade command is actually "rb-site

I ran rb-site upgrade, and got:

Rebuilding directory structure
Upgrading from version 1.5.3
Updating database. This may take a while.
Upgrading Review Board from 1.5.3 to 1.5.5
No fixtures found.
No evolution required.
Upgrade complete.

We never had 1.5.3 installed, we went from pre-1.0 svn snapshot
straight to 1.5.5.

After the "rb-site upgrade", things went fine for a little while, and
then I started getting the intermittent message.

By intermittent, I mean that sometimes it appears as the only content
on the page, and sometimes it appears between diff chunks, and
sometimes it doesn't appear at all and reviewboard behaves as normal.

I've looked in the Apache error_log, and all I see are the reviewboard
debugging messages about diff generation.  The log directory in my
rb-site root is empty.

Anyone have an idea of what else to try?


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