Hi everyone,

We have RevewBoard 1.5.2 working with Perforce.
On client side we use RBTools-0.3.2-py2.6 to do pre-commit review.
We can post review request and all comments/updates on RB portal works
just fine....until the changelist was submitted to P4.

The problem is that when we submit the changelist to p4 the changelist
number altered at P4 (e.g. from 703920 to 797978); that means the
original changelist number listed on the review request of ReviewBoard
(e.g. 703920) was no longer exist on P4 server.
We then have problem viewing the review request - "Something broke!
(Error 500)" was showed when we tried to browse the review request

After searching on server log we found below exception:
P4Exception: [P4#run] Warnings during command execution( "p4 describe -
s 703920" )
        [Warning]: 703920 - no such changelist

This wasn't happening before we updated the version from to
1.5.2 and add our LDAP to RB server.

Did anyone have similar problem before?

Thanks in advance.

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