Hi folks,

Is there any setting in ReviewBoard to 'treat WARNING as ERROR'?
I'd like to try to turn it off if there is a such setting because the
server log was indeed 'WARNING' instead of 'ERROR' so i guess RB can
tolerate P4 changelist alteration?


On 6月21日, 下午8時15分, fogy <fogyw...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We have RevewBoard 1.5.2 working with Perforce.
> On client side we use RBTools-0.3.2-py2.6 to do pre-commit review.
> We can post review request and all comments/updates on RB portal works
> just fine....until the changelist was submitted to P4.
> The problem is that when we submit the changelist to p4 the changelist
> number altered at P4 (e.g. from 703920 to 797978); that means the
> original changelist number listed on the review request of ReviewBoard
> (e.g. 703920) was no longer exist on P4 server.
> We then have problem viewing the review request - "Something broke!
> (Error 500)" was showed when we tried to browse the review request
> link.
> After searching on server log we found below exception:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> P4Exception: [P4#run] Warnings during command execution( "p4 describe -
> s 703920" )
>         [Warning]: 703920 - no such changelist
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> This wasn't happening before we updated the version from to
> 1.5.2 and add our LDAP to RB server.
> Did anyone have similar problem before?
> Thanks in advance.

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