I'm a first-time user, looking to use Review Board to coordinate with
the junior members on our team at work.

I'm getting this error when trying to browse to my Review Board site:
>Manual server updates required
>A recent change requires manual updates to be made on this server. After these 
>changes are made, you should >restart your server.
>To keep track of future updates, please visit the Required Server Updates 
>page, or subscribe to the mailing list.
Install GNU patch.exe
>GNU patch.exe must be in your executable search path for the diff viewer to 
>You can install GNU patch.exe by downloading and running the installer. Then 
>add the directory containing patch.exe to the system PATH (Start > Control 
>Panel > Advanced > Environment Variables > System Variables > PATH).

However, patch.exe is in my path:
 * I can run it from the command line.
 * I've even tried dropping it into c:\windows\system32.

My setup is as follows:
 * Windows Server 2008 R2
 * Python 2.6 (32bit)
 * Installed Review Board using easy_install (looks like it's version
 * Hosting Review Board via WSGI in IIS using 

I've restarted IIS using the iisreset command and the IIS Manager GUI.
I can't restart the server itself "just in case" as it's hosting a ton
of other stuff, and it's not scheduled for downtime until the 12th. I
don't see any relevant warnings or errors in the output of "python -m

Does anyone have any other ideas on how to troubleshoot this? Is there
a spot in the code I can drop in some debugging statements to get more
information on this problem? Any help or ideas would be appreciated!

Karl M. Davis

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