It does not appear the issue was resolved.  I'm experiencing the exact same 
problem.  I'm running Review Board 1.5.5 on CentOS 6.  The rest of the 
system is working perfectly (thanks!).

[root@reviewboard conf]# grep DEFAULT_FROM 
DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL = 'webmaster@localhost'

[root@reviewboard conf]# grep DEFAULT_FROM 

Apache & Memcached have been restarted.

Hit the Recover password button.

Aug 25 15:30:15 reviewboard postfix/smtp[15532]: 5F395C475C: 
to=<>,[myip]:25, delay=0.05, 
delays=0.01/0.01/0.02/0.01, dsn=5.1.8, status=bounced (host[myip] said: 553 5.1.8 
<>... Domain of sender address does not exist (in reply to MAIL FROM 

Any suggestions for troubleshooting this?

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