Hi Julia,

On Friday, September 2, 2011, Julia S. Simon <ju...@tuenti.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a new happy user of reviewboard. I think it's a fantastic tool and
> has nice design :D

Thanks! Can we list your company on our Happy Users list? :)

> I'd like to give you a few ideas that I think would improve user
> experience.
> 1. View that integrates diff and comments so you see all comments of a
> file in same place instead of grouping comments by user

This has certainly been requested before, and is doable. I think we could
offer this in a future release. I'm not sure if we have a ticket filed.
Would you mind filing one?

> 2. Arrows to navigate diffs on each file: Now you have squares "Jump
> to revision:" on top menu
> and "Changes between r2 and". So if you want to go to any of those
> options you have to scroll up click then scroll down to see what you
> wanted. You could have arrows (back and forward) on top of each half
> of the diff on each file that did that. This is also related to
> previous request. Comments should be in the version they were so you
> can navigate history of changes of a file looking at comments that
> were made at each point.

The comments part confused me a bit, but we actually have many keyboard
shortcuts for navigating diffs. Look in our documentation (top-right of
Review Board) in the section on reviewing diffs. We list the shortcuts in
there. Eventually we plan to list those in the UI somewhere.

> 3.User preferences options regarding mails: You should be able to
> configure when you want to receive mails. I dont want to receive a
> mail when there is a new diff, just when someone leaves me a comment o
> replies to my comments (for example). If I'm in a group I want to see
> my group requests in dashboard but maybe I dont want to get a mail
> every time something happens in a review of my group.

Another frequently requested feature, but one that we don't necessarily have
control over. This works if emails are sent directly to you, but in many
(most?) deployments, they're actually sent to mailing lists. We obviously
can't control whether you get it then. Offering options for that may mislead


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