Hi Christian,

Many thanks. I've posted the bug (2256) but while testing a solution,
I notice other strange behaviour with svn diff and single revision
range, but this time with --repository-url option. I don't know the
use case so not sure if it is a bug or not:

$ post-review --repository-url=http://svn/repo --revision-range=157778
>>> RBTools 0.3.3
>>> Home = <snip>
>>> svn info http://svn/repo
>>> diff --version
>>> repository info: Path: http://svn/repo, Base path: /, Supports changesets: 
>>> False
>>> HTTP GETting api/
>>> HTTP GETting http://<snip>/reviews/api/info/
>>> Using the new web API
>>> svn diff --diff-cmd=diff http://svn/repo/@157778 http://svn/repo/@HEAD

which returns diff between 157778 and HEAD of the repository.  A clear
decision is made in the code for this:
        if options.repository_url:
            revisions = revision_range.split(':')
            if len(revisions) < 1:
                return None
            elif len(revisions) == 1:

but I don't know why it does this. I do not understand how fetching a
diff between a rev and HEAD could be useful for code review.

In any case, it is not consistent ("If you only need to post a single
revision, you can type: $ post-review --revision-range=REVISION"), and
it could/should probably be explicit if required, e.g. --revision-

I suggest the executed command for a single --revision-range option
with --repository-url should be:

$ post-review --repository-url=http://svn/repo --revision-range=REV --
>>> svn diff --diff-cmd=diff http://svn/repo/@REV-1 http://svn/repo/@REV
>>> svn diff --diff-cmd=diff -c REV http://svn/repo

If you wish me to raise a bug and suggest a solution for this also, I
will do so.

The rest of the svn diff implementation seems fine to me.

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