It looks like a commit in April may have broken our usage of post-
review in preferring "options.repository_url" to
885f880e ยป jankoprowski
2011-04-03 [RBTools] Brand new Clear Case implementation

We invoke post-review from the SVN post-commit hook as so:

/usr/local/bin/post-review \
    --debug \
    --username='buildsystem' \
    --server="${RB_SERVER:=}"; \
    --repository-url="${RB_REPO_URL}" \
    --revision-range="$(($2-1)):$2" \
    --target-groups="${RB_TARGET_GROUPS}" \
    --submit-as="${RB_AUTHOR}" \
    --description="rev ${2} - ${RB_DESC}" \
    --summary="rev ${2} - ${RB_SUMMARY}" \
    --publish >>$LOG 2>&1

Where a typical ${RB_REPO_URL} would be "file:///data/svn/
examplerepo", but the actual repositories inside Admin -> Repositories
are of the form "";.  They both
point to the same actual repository, of course; the post-commit hook
is executing on the server that hosts the https URL.

It's clear is looking up and finding the correct repo
via UDID, but then is not using it:

>>> RBTools 0.3.3
>>> Home = /data/svn/hooks
>>> svn info file:///data/svn/examplerepo
>>> diff --version
>>> repository info: Path: file:///data/svn/examplerepo, Base path: /, Supports 
>>> changesets: False
>>> HTTP GETting api/
>>> HTTP GETting
>>> Using the new web API
>>> svn diff --diff-cmd=diff file:///data/svn/examplerepo/@8826 
>>> file:///data/svn/examplerepo/@8827
>>> HTTP GETting
>>> HTTP GETting 
>>> HTTP GETting
>>> HTTP GETting
>>> [elided for brevity]
>>> HTTP GETting
>>> HTTP GETting
>>> repository info: Path:, Base path: /, 
>>> Supports changesets: False
>>> Attempting to create review request on file:///data/svn/examplerepo for None
>>> Submitting the review request as exampleuser
>>> HTTP POSTing to 
>>> {'submit_as': 'exampleuser', 'repository': 'file:///data/svn/examplerepo'}
>>> Got API Error 206 (HTTP code 400): The repository path specified is not in 
>>> the list of known repositories
>>> Error data: {'stat': 'fail', 'repository': 'file:///data/svn/examplerepo', 
>>> 'err': {'msg': 'The repository path specified is not in the list of known 
>>> repositories', 'code': 206}}

There was an error creating this review request.

The repository path ""; is not in
list of known repositories on the server. [...]

We could switch our --repository-url back to the https version, but
that comes with other problems for us:

1.) our https cert trust chain isn't established for "svn info", "svn
diff", etc -- we can work around this via logging in once as the _www
user and doing an "accept permanently" on the cert;

2.) it doesn't appear --password or --http-password get passed down to
"svn info", "svn diff", etc -- aside from storing the passwords in
~/.subversion, I can't see a good way around this;

3.) it's faster to hit the local file://whatever than to hit https://whatever
for info/diff; and

4.) it seems silly to go to the work of "HTTP GETting"; if we're not going to use
the results.

I'm probably going to patch the RBTools egg locally to remove the use
of options.repository_url inside new_review_request:

        repository = options.repository_url \
                     or self.get_configured_repository() \

...back to:

        repository = self.get_configured_repository() \

Is there a more appropriate way to patch this?  Should I also create a


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