sorry for ressurrecting this topic, but i wanted to establish a workflow 
where certain changes need to be reviewed before they can be applied to the 
central repository.

We use mercurial as a VCS and we use the branching model described at (sometimes referred 
to as git-flow)
in our workflow we wanted to make sure that changes to the production 
branch (which in that model is a release by definition) could only be made 
after a successful review.
therefor we disallowed pushs to the 'default' branch via hooks (and a 
little bit more hook based enforcing of the model using these hooks

if code has to go into the main repository and into the production branch a 
user has to create a review request and has to attach the changesets as a 
a cron job on the server side now checks for accepted an submitted review 
requests and applies the changes in a manner comparable to a hg pull.
this is done with a fork of the mercurial-reviewboard-extension (can be 
found at which hopefully 
proves to be useful enough for otthers to be pulled.

the fork adds a new flag -a to the hg postreview command which attaches the 
changes as a hg-bundle and it adds a new command pullreviewed which 
downloads bundles for a given repo (if review requests are marked as ship 
it) and can automaticaly unbundle them and mark the review request as 

This makes the workflow possible that changes have to be "pushed" through 

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