I know this question has been asked before (e.g. one of many:
but it's still not clear if this functionality is actually supported.

I've read and reread the manual, specifically the paragraph on
reviewing committed code and more specifically on explanation of this
command: "$ post-review --revision-range=STARTREV:STOPREV"

I'm using Perforce.  Does RB support this with Perforce?  If it does,
what is "STARTREV" and "STOPREV"? are these file revisions or
changelist( aka changeset) numbers?  If they are changelist numbers,
is it going to include everyone else's changelists as well?  We have
about 200 people checking in code.  By the time I get around to
responding to a code review feedback, there can be a lot of other
changelists between original and the new one.  How does this work in
that scenario?  Is it possible to just provide a discrete list of
changelists that I want to have included in a review?

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