I am a newbie to reviewboard and I just got reviewboard up and
running. I have configured reviewboard with my cvs repository.

I am facing several issues with my rb site.

1. I am not able to add people to the review, the text box and the
pencil icon mentioned in the documentation are not shown during the
creation of the review. In fact am not able to edit any of the fields
of a review (including the description and test done fields).
2. I am not able to Publish my review. Whenever I hit publish
'nothing' happens. However when I hit the Discard button the page
shows a "Loading" text towards the upper part but never goes to any
other page or does anything meaningful.

Can you please help me fix this issue.

PS: I tried looking into the server logs for any errors thrown. But i
was not able to see any visible errors in the logs.


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