On May 7, 2012, at 16:56, Christian Hammond wrote:

> Memory and how much of it that memcached can use is crucial. We cache a 
> *lot*, since fetching files from the repository, patching them, and 
> generating diffs is all very expensive. So the more that memcached can hold 
> at once, the faster things will feel all around.
> After that, you'll get some gains from database optimization and from 
> increased CPU performance (for the diff generation).

That's good to know.

> How big is your userbase, and what are your current specs? I know of servers 
> with thousands of users that stand up under constant use. Usually it's just a 
> configuration issue, or lack of memory for caching, that causes the most 
> problems.

A few dozen users and about 15 repos.  It's on an older IBM xServer 335 with a 
3.06GHz Intel Xeon CPU and 2GB or memory with 128MB configured for memcached.  
I've only recently enabled memcached, so I'm not 100% certain it is configured 
properly.  Is there a way to query it to see what it has cached?


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