When I click on an anchor link (to a diff file) in the diff viewer in our 
RB installation, it doesn't add that link to the browser history so that I 
can use the back button to get back to the index of diff files.  This has 
been a minor annoyance for me for a long time.

Today I tried out the demo of the latest version of RB (1.7 beta 1) at 
http://demo.reviewboard.org and was happy to see this was "fixed".  Since 
we were running 1.6.3, I upgraded to 1.6.11 in the hopes of getting this 
fix, but no luck.

I did a quick view source and saw it's still using the gotoanchor() JS 
function in both versions, and I'm not skilled enough in JS to 
reverse-engineer what the change was that fixed this.  Can somebody point 
me to the changeset and file in which this was fixed so I can patch our 
1.6.11 until we move to 1.7?


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