I'm trying to set up Review Board 1.6 to work with a Perforce server 
(version P4D/NTX64/2012.1/442152).

I just want to see if I'm getting this straight:

After installing Apache, Python, MySQL and Review Board itself (with all 
its dependencies and recommendations) on the web server, I also need to
1. Install Python and P4Python bindings *on the Perforce server *(which is 
a separate machine)
2. Install Python and post-review* on each workstation* from which I'd want 
to submit review requests

Is this correct? 

The installation manual gives the impression as if all installations are 
limited to the web server, but I'm not sure this is 100% accurate.

I apologize if I'm repeating things already handled, but I've searched all 
over and could not find an answer to something everyone else seems to take 
for granted.

Gil Elad

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