Hello all.

I have a dull problem that I can't seem to solve.

*What am I trying to do?*
I am trying to do:
*post-review --repository-url=http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/svn/testRepo2 
--revision-range=6:7 --server=http://reviews.example.test/ 
--username=reviewposter --password=mydullpass --submit-as=admin -p 
All is alright when I try this from bash logged in as my user. Review is 
posted, published, etc. ==> All permissions and other miscellaneous 
settings are OK.

*What happens when I try this from SVN's post-commit hook?*
The resources are commited but the svn operation hangs - actually the 
post-commit hook does not finish.

*What is the problem?*
post-review seems to get the user that is executing it and tries to log it 
in. The user that's executing it is www-data (apache user) I.e. when I run 
the command as www-data:
*sudo -u www-data post-review --repository-url=**
http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/svn/testRepo2** --revision-range=6:7 **
--server=http://reviews.example.test/** --username=reviewposter --password=*
*mydullpass**! --submit-as=admin -p --target-groups=reviewers -d*
I get (notice the -d parameter in the post-review command - DEBUG):
*>>> RBTools 0.4.1*
*>>> Home = /home/borislav*
*Password for 'www-data':*

This is where it hangs waiting for a password to be entered. The commit 
operation cannot finish and it just stays there. On the other hand when I 
do the same command with debug output but as myuser I get:
*>>> RBTools 0.4.1*
*>>> Home = /home/borislav*
*>>> HTTP GETting api/*
*>>> HTTP GETting http://reviews.example.test/api/info/*
*>>> Using the new web API*
*>>> HTTP GETting http://reviews.example.test/api/repositories/*
*>>> HTTP GETting http://reviews.example.test/api/repositories/1/*
*>>> HTTP GETting http://reviews.example.test/api/repositories/1/info/*
*>>> HTTP GETting http://reviews.example.test/api/repositories/2/*
*>>> HTTP GETting http://reviews.example.test/api/repositories/2/info/*
*>>> HTTP GETting http://reviews.example.test/api/repositories/3/*
*>>> HTTP GETting http://reviews.example.test/api/repositories/3/info/*
*>>> HTTP GETting http://reviews.example.test/api/repositories/4/*
*>>> HTTP GETting http://reviews.example.test/api/repositories/4/info/*
*>>> Attempting to create review request on 
http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/svn/testRepo2 for None*
*>>> Submitting the review request as admin*
*>>> HTTP POSTing to http://reviews.example.test/api/review-requests/: 
{'submit_as': 'admin', 'repository': 'http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/svn/testRepo2'}
*>>> Review request created*
*>>> Attempting to set field 'target_groups' to 'reviewers' for review 
request '22'*
*>>> HTTP PUTting to 
{'target_groups': 'reviewers'}*
*>>> Uploading diff, size: 2316*
*>>> HTTP POSTing to 
http://reviews.example.test/api/review-requests/22/diffs/: {'basedir': '/'}*
*>>> Publishing*
*>>> HTTP PUTting to 
http://reviews.example.test/api/review-requests/22/draft/: {'public': 1}*
*Review request #22 posted.*
So actually everything with the posting/publishing etc. works.

One solution I thought of is to execute the command as my user from the 
post-commit hook but that seems out-stretched and ugly to me.
Are there any other solutions?


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