Hi Paddy, 
I am trying to do the same.
I followed the install steps mentioned here:

and then created sites using folllowing link

However while creating a review package using post-review I run into 
following error:
*"Unable to find a Review Board server for this source code tree."*
*Looking at the python code for review board*

it looks like this:

def main(args):
    if 'USERPROFILE' in os.environ:
        homepath = os.path.join(os.environ["USERPROFILE"], "Local Settings",
                                "Application Data")
        homepath = os.environ["HOME"]

    # Load the config and cookie files
    globals()['user_config'] = \
        load_config_file(os.path.join(homepath, ".reviewboardrc"))
    cookie_file = os.path.join(homepath, ".post-review-cookies.txt")

Its actually looking for file with name ".reviewboardrc" in windows which is 
not possible on a windows box.

1. Were you able to successfully create a review package with clearcase on 

2. if yes please let me know how you overcome this error and which version 
(reviewBoard) did you select?

On Friday, 27 May 2011 18:39:25 UTC+5:30, paddy wrote:
> BTW, I am trying to integrate RB with clearcase on windows.

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