Thanks, these are all good data points.

I just want to make sure I'm understanding one part thoroughly. When you were 
upgrading to 1.7.1, you were upgrading from a database and site using 1.5.1, 
not 1.6.4? I believe this is the case, but just want confirmation.

I'm certainly not aware of anything that should have broken in 1.7.x, so these 
problems are puzzling, but as soon as I have something for you to try, I'll let 
you know. In the meantime, for everyone with these problems, my sincerest 


On Dec 27, 2012, at 19:27, utku <utkuyil...@gmail.com> wrote:

> hello Christian, thank you for your support, we have resolved the issue with 
> compilation(easy_install.txt) with upgrading from ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04. 
> However now i see the same issue 'extra_data' problem that sebastian 
> saw(rb-site.txt). i have included the django tables that you requested in 
> sebastian post (djangotables.dump.gz). 
> here is what we did
> 1- We got rb 1.5.1 up and running.
> 2- We had to merge a database from rb 1.6.4 (on another server) so we saved 
> the database with mysqldump > 151.dump and load the new database mysql < 
> 164.dump
> 3- Then we had user delete and repisotry sync issues with the new database. 
> So restored the old database mysql < 151.dump (which we are currently using)
> 4- Then we tried to upgrade rb version so that we can solve database merge 
> problem and did easy_install -u reviewboard (resolved dependency errors by 
> upgrading to 11.04)
> 5- Now when we do rb-site upgrade var/www/reviewboard getting 'extra_data' 
> error attached in rb-site.txt
> We need to solve two issues
> 1- Get RB up and running by solving extra_data error
> 2- Load the new database (1.6.4) to our new upgraded RB 1.7.1
> What do you suggest, thank you....

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