I am considering using this tool but I have some questions to clarify 
ReviewBoard usage.

Before the questions, just a quick note: the website states

    In-development: 1.7 RC 

Which is not very logical and don't really feel professional either... :)

0. The context I would use this is:
    - I'm working alone for now
    - I have some friends who can help by reviewing the code
    - until now I just gave them access to the source code but it's not 
perfect to do reviews
   In this context, is there some specific feature you think would appeal 
to me in ReviewBoard? 
1. Can I use Mercurial and Git with 1.7.1? It is not clear from the 
documentation, I just see some discussions implying I can, but I didn't 
find explicit statements.
2. I'm using Rhodecode to manage my repositories. It have basic review 
support apparently. How does ReviewBoard compare?
3. How does ReviewBoard compare to Phabricator's review system and 
Atlassian's one? So far I have a hard time seeing any real difference other 
than the cost.
    The problem is that I didn't use any such tool so far so I don't know 
what kind of feature are good or not.

Thanks for your time

Joel Lamotte

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