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> On Sat, Jan 12, 2013 at 6:55 AM, Christian Hammond <chip...@chipx86.com>wrote:
>> Hi Joel,
>> The command line isn't the only way, but we recommend it over the web
>> interface. The reason is that not all diff generators provide enough
>> information to be able to look up files remotely. RBTools/post-review will
>> ensure the diffs contain the necessary information, and may also provide
>> additional useful metadata or work around quirks. It's also just faster to
>> type 'post-review' than to generate a diff and upload it through a website.
> Ok but it is not clear to me if you mean command line on the same computer
> where Review Board server is installed, or if there is some kind of
> associated command line client, DSVC tools?
> Joel Lamotte

This is on the end users' machines.

We have a set of command line tools (well, one right now, but soon a set)
under the name RBTools, which is installed on the develoeprs' machines.
These interact with the Review Board server, and they also call out to git,
svn, or whatever command line tools are appropriate to interact with your
local checkout.

The main tool we have right now is called post-review. There are docs on it
at http://www.reviewboard.org/docs/manual/dev/users/tools/post-review/

A new release will be out in a couple weeks that provides some new command
line tools for working with a Review Board server, and a Python API that
can be used to write custom clients to talk to Review Board.


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