This should help those of you who have had problems upgrading old installs
of Review Board.

Thanks to everyone who helped me test this!


Christian Hammond -
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From: Christian Hammond <>
Date: Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 2:40 AM
Subject: Django Evolution 0.6.9 released
Cc: Stephen Gallagher <>

Hi everyone,

Django Evolution 0.6.9 is out. This added some more introspection when
applying evolutions so that a mutation isn't applied if the old database
signature for that model already matches the new signature.

Basically, this means if you have a very old database, and a new model has
been introduced since then *and* new evolutions were added to that model,
you shouldn't have any confusing errors when trying to run the evolutions.
Previously, it would install a baseline for the new models that matched the
latest version of the model, and then try to apply (now old) mutations to
that model, which would fail. This shouldn't happen anymore.

As usual, you can install the latest release by doing:

    $ sudo easy_install -U django_evolution


    $ sudo pip install -U django_evolution

I'm planning to move the sourcecode for Django Evolution onto GitHub. While
I haven't done it yet, you should expect that the next release will come
off of Hopefully this
won't impact anyone. Let me know if you think it will.



Christian Hammond -
Review Board -
VMware, Inc. -

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