I posted previously that I've installed ReviewBoard on a Suse linux 
server (with git, apache, postgresql, modswgi, memcached, ...). The git 
repository we all use is To get post-review to work properly, 
I had to add the following repository:
   Path: snelling@
   Raw File URL:;a=blob_plain;f=<filename>;h=<revision>
and to have review board accept that repository, I had to setup ssh keys 
from the review board server to Now that all works fine for 
The problem now is when I tried to get another user to use post-review, 
they failed. Their repository was:
and post-review wouldn't accept that. I had to create another repository 
for them, and add their ssh keys to the git server. That worked, but it 
seems like too much pain for dozens of users.
If users upload their diff using the ReviewBoard web page and my repository 
(snelling@ on the "New 
Review Request" screen that works fine. But I'd like to get post-review 
work without having to create a specific repository for each user. Does 
anyone know if this can be done?
- Peter

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