On 06/25/2013 04:54 AM, Matthew Dawes wrote:
> SELinux was enabled. I disabled it and I am back in business. Thank you
> so much for the quick response.
> Matt 
> On Tuesday, June 25, 2013 1:32:16 AM UTC-7, Christian Hammond wrote:
>     Can you show the exact error info?
>     See if SELinux is enabled, and turn it off.
>     Christian
>     On Jun 24, 2013, at 22:57, Matthew Dawes <mld...@gmail.com
>     <javascript:>> wrote:
>>     I keep running into this same issue with a new install of
>>     ReviewBoard. I have created multiple sites but each time I get the
>>     error message that there is a permission problem. I have chowned
>>     the requested directories so they are owned by the Apache user but
>>     Review Board still complains that they are incorrect. What am I
>>     missing?
>>     Here are my install specs:
>>     Server: Fedora 14
>>     Review Board: 1.7.10
>>     Python: 2.7
>>     Django: 1.4.5
>>     Thanks in advance.

Yeah, my TODO list includes working up some SELinux rules for
ReviewBoard and getting rb-site to be capable of setting them up during
installation. It's a pretty big task and low on my priority list right
now, unfortunately.

Also, I highly recommend upgrading from Fedora 14, since it's been
unsupported for over eighteen months and almost certainly has security
issues. If you want long-term updates, you'd be better off with RHEL
6/CentOS 6.

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