On 2013-10-21 07:05, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
On 10/18/2013 10:41 AM, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
On 2013-10-18 01:45, Kim Gräsman wrote:
I might try to come up with a patch, but I haven't really thought
about user experience. A new button seems a little brutal.

If you've thought about this before, have you come up with any ideas
for how this might be controlled?

What about a 'trivial change' check box next to / under the 'describe
what you changed' text area? Potentially this could be used for diffs,
even (e.g. if I upload a new diff because I noticed a spelling mistake).

Ideally this wouldn't necessarily suppress e-mail; only for people that
don't have a corresponding 'I also want to see trivial changes' option
set in their profile. This way users don't have the ability to entirely
suppress mail (e.g. I can see managers that would not like that), but
lets each subscriber decide whether they want to know about minutia or
would prefer to not be bothered. (And of course it is borrowing a
well-known wiki concept; reusing existing ideas is usually a good thing.)

Bonus points for adding 'trivial' to the e-mail subject for changes so

I think the least-invasive way would be to add the "trivial" button and
then just tack on a new 'X-ReviewBoard-Trival: true' header to the
email. Then you just continue sending out email as before, but clients
can just opt to write email filters to ignore those marked as Trivial if
they so desire.

...or just add 'trivial' to the subject. Or both. (Depending on the client, it may be more difficult to filter on a custom header than a keyword in the subject line. Also having it in the subject line makes it easy to see what is trivial and what isn't when looking at your inbox).

I wouldn't take having an RB-side user setting off the wish list entirely, but what you described would still be wanted/needed in that case and is also a great initial implementation that would be a welcome improvement over not having the feature at all. Thanks for the idea!


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