So, I've been working on a git-specific helper script for posting reviews which, among other things, includes the git log in the diff.

For a while, I was seeing a bug where the log shows up incorrectly when posted from a Windows machine. I finally determined that this is caused by the diff quoting the file paths, i.e.:

diff --git "a/.gitlog" "b/.gitlog"
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..<sha>
--- /dev/null
+++ "b/.gitlog"

It seems that 'git diff' quotes the file names if they contain characters that might otherwise confuse the diff parser (what's not seen here is that the original file names were e.g. 'C:\Users\My User\Temporary Files\..." and have had string substitution performed to get to ".gitlog").

What I'm wondering is, if a file name actually needs to be quoted, does RB correctly parse the quoted name? And in particular, should it also be handling the above case "better" than it seems to be doing?


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