On 2013-11-15 19:13, Christian Hammond wrote:
I'm pretty sure it doesn't support it today.

   diff_line = self.lines[linenum].split()

No, I imagine that doesn't end well in cases of paths containing whitespace characters. I suspect that that code should instead be doing something more like shell argument splitting (shlex.split?), which would include to at least strip quotes from quoted parts, and possibly handling of at least some escape sequences.

Without digging into the bowels of git, I couldn't say offhand just what is a valid output of a git diff, except that I most certainly have seen quoted paths.

(Um. Come to think of it, my own git-rb probably should be doing likewise; I've bludgeoned around most of the issues I was having, but probably have further latent bugs if a path contains something that needs to be escaped.)

Should I file a bug report for this? (Fortunately we don't usually have spaces or other weird characters in file/path names in our source repositories, so haven't generally had problems. And the behavior I've seen with git-rb is a little quirky but not horribly broken.)


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