On 2013-11-19 11:12, Jan Smets wrote:
I would like to use reviewboard for (just) viewing diffs,  without
providing it access to my CVS repository. I currenlty have no repository

Is it possible to upload plain text source files (original+changed), or
just the diff file using the web API ?

Expanding slightly on what David wrote... The way RB is designed to work is to take a diff uploaded by the user and find the original file from the repository in order to apply the diff.

In order to not access the repository, you would need to somehow instead upload both the original and modified versions of all files. This is not currently supported. (You *might* be able to write your own scm tool that would work that way, but it's not going to be a trivial task. Keep in mind you'll also need to come up with something like a new diff format and will either have to hand-craft that or else the scm tool will need to be able to produce those as well as parse them. This also assumes that the scm tool is responsible for, or at least can override, how the diff is applied, which may not be the case; I don't know RB's guts well enough to know.)


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