First off, thanks so much for the native GitLab support Christian!  I just 
upgraded our staging server to 1.7.21, and it certainly made GitLab set up a 
lot easier.

One piece of feedback:

If an admin wishes to set up RB for a repository not owned by the RB service 
user (the account that review board is using to access GitLab), it has to be 
done via the "Repository Plan: Group" option.  E.g. if individual contributor 
'wjavins' owns project 'reviewbot' , I'd set up review by putting 'wjavins' in 
the "GitLab group name:" field and 'reviewbot' in the "Repository Name" field.  
Given this somewhat unintuitive setup I propose the following changes to 
simplify Review Board + GitLab configuration:

* Ditch the distinction between "Group" and "Personal"
* Always require two fields for GitLab's "Repository Information: subsection:
  1) "Repository Owner:"
 2) "Repository Name (without .git):"

I believe this would simplify the process of setting up accounts by removing 
the choice between 'group' and 'personal' and unifying setup for 3 different 

1)      accounts owned by the RB service account (just put the RB service 
account name in "Repository Owner:")

2)      those owned by other individuals

3)      and those owned by a group

If you like this idea, I could likely throw a patch together for it.   I'm not 
yet familiar with django/RB's testing architecture though, so I may need help 
there, if I need to add/update tests.


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