Following up on this old thread since it was the only search result I found 
for strange errors we noticed in our Apache error.log after an upgrade to 

[Mon Apr 14 20:44:43 2014] [error]   File 
"/usr/lib/python2.7/logging/", line 467, in format

[Mon Apr 14 20:44:43 2014] [error]     s = self._fmt % record.__dict__

[Mon Apr 14 20:44:43 2014] [error] KeyError: 'request_info'

[Mon Apr 14 20:44:43 2014] [error] Logged from file, line 84

I tracked this error down to the following log formatting config in the 
Djblets (version 0.7.29) module, in djblets/log/

DEFAULT_LINE_FORMAT = \                                                    

    "%(asctime)s - %(levelname)s - %(request_info)s - %(message)s"

Once I got rid of that %(request_info)s portion, the errors went away. Not 
sure if our config is to blame here -- we upgraded ReviewBoard without 
upgrading Djblets, and had to fix a symlink to Djblets manually at some 
point during the upgrade.

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