I had the same problem. When you configure your reviewboard, you have to 
give it a site name . Some thing like "reviewboard.mycompany.com". It 
doesn't have to be a registered name just make up something.
Then when you try to access the reviewboard main page, use the site name 
(reviewboard.mycompany.com) as the URL. You'll of course need to add the 
made-up hostname to to your /etc/hosts so your machine can resolve the 

Also, if you setup an extra path to follow your server id, like 'reviews', 
don't forget to add that to the URL too (e.g. 
http://reviewboard.mycompany.com/reviews ).

I hope this helps.

On Wednesday, June 4, 2014 7:04:52 AM UTC-6, Kuldeep singh wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have installed reviewboard on a remote machine(Ubuntu with root user). 
> During installation I followed all the steps mentioned on reviewboard site.
> I used most of configuration default, i mean localhost. But after 
> installation and disabling 000-default site, when I am trying to access 
> reviewboard url, Its always displaying 
> Bad Request (400) message. Now I am very confused why its happening. I am 
> searching solution for last 3 days, but still could not find anything.
> If any body have any Idea about it, Please help.
> Thanks
> Kuldeep Singh

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