I use the current (2 days old) bitnami stack for reviewboard.

Desparately trying to get rbtools running I found that a setting was 
missing in reviewboard.


  System Settings -> General -> General Settings -> Site Settings

There is the server URL.

Now I use two Apaches one in the bitnami stack and one as a reverse proxy 
in front.

I also changed the http port of the bitnami-Apache, as I got multiple 
bitnami stacks on my tools-server.

So requests to the reviewboard arrive as:


So in the menu the server URL is:


Reviewboard is quite picky about what it accepts as a server URL. When I 
try to change it, a moment later reviewboard resets it to localhost.

What a litlle ..... *"ยง$% .... !

Any clue?

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