On 2014-07-25 08:54, Randhir Singh wrote:
> I have following setup of reviewboard and Subversion :
> Apache Subversion hosted under SLES 10 SP1 .
> ReviewBoard installed on Window using BitNami stack.
> I already have a post-commit script to send email notifications for each 
> commit under SLES, Now i want to automate the process in such a way that 
> after each commit there should be a review request added (Review board in 
> installed in some other machine) automatically. 
> I tried to search and found post-review command to be used for that , I 
> would like to know this post-review command is a part of reviewboard itself 
> ? If yes then my reviewboard installation is on another machine then how 
> SLES will execute a script containing post-review command. 

post-review is a script that is part of the RBTools package. That's
"part of review board" in that it's made and distributed by the same
folks, but it's a separate package, and also one normally installed on
(all) developer's machines. Certainly you can install and run it on a
machine other than your RB server!

Note also, however, that post-review is deprecated. The "new thing" is
the "rbt" tool. To oversimplify, "rbt post" replaces "post-review".

See also https://www.reviewboard.org/docs/rbtools/0.6/.


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