After an unexpected crash of a disk destroyed our old reviewboard site, I 
decided to move to a new 2.0.5 instance. After some unsuccessful first 
attempts, I finally got the site visible. However, attempts to log in with 
admin to attempt to manage the site don't produce an expected "Manage" link 
in the upper right corner. I know the username/password combo is working 
because an altered password fails to validate.

To try and fix this, I created a superuser with the manage command and 
tried to log in as that. Same issue with that user. Attempt to log in, get 
taken to the default site with the "Log In" link in the upper right. 

Of course, since I can't get into admin functions to turn on logging, I 
can't tell what exactly is going on. The apache log isn't giving any hints, 
so I'm asking for any sort of "oh, yeah, I've seen this before" help I can 

Thanks in advance,

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